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Travel - International

Roam Like Home - International
$12.00 per 24 hours
Now available in Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico, South and Central America, Asia, South Africa, Oceania and the Middle East.
Please note: as of July 12th, 2016, Cuba will no longer be included in Roam Like Home and pay-per-use rates will apply.
Talk, text and share just like you do at home when you use Roam Like Home with your Share Everything Plan.
You are only charged up to a maximum of 15 days per monthly bill!
  • Unlimited calling & messaging to Canadian numbers
  • Unlimited calling & messaging to local numbers in the country you're visiting
  • Data from your Share Everything plan
Only available with the Rogers Share Everything Plans. Fee is charged per line.
Data usage exceeding your plan allotment is charged in increments rounded up to the next MB or GB (as applicable based on your plan).

For the list of included countries click here.
International Data Roaming Rate
Make roaming more affordable while travelling. For $9.99/day, get access to a bucket of data automatically when you start using data on your device internationally (data bucket sizes vary per zone). No sign up is required.

ZONE 2: Europe
  • $9.99 for 20 MB/day¹

Destinations included in ZONE 2

ZONE 3: Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, Mexico and Oceania

  • $9.99 for 10 MB/day²

Destinations included in ZONE 3

ZONE 4: Africa

  • $9.99 for 3 MB/day³
Destinations included in ZONE 4

Select Quebec & Newfoundland customers will need to opt-in to this rate. This rate is not valid on cruise ships or airplanes and while roaming in Cuba, Lebanon, French Polynesia and Palau. These locations are classified as premium destinations and only standard pay-per-use rates of $15/MB will apply.
¹ Overage rate: $9.99 for each 20 MB increment within a 24 hour period.
² Overage rate: $9.99 for each 10 MB increment within a 24 hour period.
³ Overage rate: $9.99 for each 3 MB increment within a 24 hour period.

Pay-per-use roaming
pay-per-use by destination
ROGERS ZONE: Palau, Lebanon, Cuba, French Polynesia, & Cruise Ships
  • Cuba: $2.50/minute¹, $0.75/sent text message², & $1.50/MB³
  • French Polynesia & Lebanon: $3.00/minute¹, $0.75/sent text message², & $15/MB³
  • Cruise Ships & Palau: $4.00/minute¹, $0.75/sent text message², & $15/MB³
Rates apply to roaming usage in the applicable locations. Travel packs or roaming add-ons are not valid in these destinations.
¹ Charges are rounded up to the next full minute.
² An SMS text consists of 160 characters. Messages over 160 characters are counted as additional texts. Excludes premium messages (alerts, messages related to content and promotions).
³ Data usage is charged in increments of $15 per MB. When on a cruise ship near land or porting, your device may be picked up by a local land-based carrier network and subsequent usage will only be applicable to that destination.